Super Sleepervan Comfort

Super Sleepervan Comfort

July 04, 2019

One of our most popular and flexible rental options is the SleeperVan category.

These great  two person vehicles are not too different to drive from a standard car, so that makes them a lot more user friendly, especially in the winter months when the environment can be a bit more challenging than other times of year.

We have two different models of Sleepervans for hire - the Alphard and the Estima, and they are all custom fitted inhouse by our team to ensure maximum warmth, comfort and convenience during your holiday.

Both the Estima and the Alphard SleeperVans are automatic transmission with power steering and ABS brakes, making them great to drive and easy to manoeuvre for parking and getting into trickier spots.

They are also certified self-contained, so you have no restrictions on choosing your spots to park up for the night, 

Each of these vehicles has a large comfortable bed using compressed foam squabs, plus an additional privacy room/awning which is ideal to keep you protected from the wind and weather while being able to stand up or set up your dining area to enjoy a more sheltered view of the beautiful NZ countryside.

privacy room

Our fleet of SleeperVans have been tidily built within the company, enabling us to build in a separate house battery along with a 12 volt chiller box, led interior light and 240 volt power connection.

They also have a good smart charge system to help charge your house battery for your 12volt supply and all the Alphards in the fleet have now had solar panels installed for additional charging while you are on the road or parked in the sun.

If you are heading up to the snow, these vehicles are ideal - just make sure you have chains all ready to add when you get to the snow covered ski roads. 

This handy video from Cardrona gives you an overview of several different types of snow chains and how to apply them to your vehicle.