2 Berth Sleepervan Alphard model

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Our SleeperVans are lovely, certified self-contained, easy to drive, vehicles with automatic transmission. They have a radio/CD player (with AUX port), as well as a 12-volt charger and air conditioning in the driving cab.

They also have a unique smart charge system to help charge your house battery for your 12volt supply. For an example of the smart charge system, 4 hours driving equals 4 hours 12volt (house) battery usage.

We have refurbished these 2004/2006 series Toyota Alphard cars to a very high standard SleeperVan during 2016 & 2017. We have designed and built these ourselves to a very quality, including compressed foam swabs for your bed area, thermal curtains for warmth, a 2 ring removable gas cooker, 12volt 14lt chiller box (which runs continuously, providing your house battery has charge), a kitchen bench and sink with cold water tap, LED lights (which have lower power consumption than standard lights), and a 240volt power plug for charging your phone etc. (while plugged into an external power supply).

We have added an awning/privacy room with an angled height of 1.85m to 1.7m. So you can use this area as a changing room, or as a relaxing area for cooking and dining (as you can hire a picnic table for $15.00), this in turn making the most of the beautiful scenery of New Zealand in all of the area that the self-contained certification allows you to stay at.

Self-Containment Certification: NZS5465
Sleeps: 2 people
Engine: Toyota Alphard 2004/2006 series, 2.3L petrol, automatic transmission
Driving: Power steering, ABS brakes
Seating: Seat belts for two in the driving cab.
Dimensions: L: 4.7m ~ Ht: 1.92m ~ W: 1.6m ~ Interior Ht: 1.35m
Power: 240-volt mains and 12-volt house battery. The 12-volt house battery charges when driving and also when plugged into a 240-volt power supply.
Water: 32 litres (8.45 gallon) fresh water tank and balanced waste (grey) water tank.
Bed: One double bed being 1.97m long